Two sided market place made easy!

This is the world 1st Woocommerce based service marketplace theme. We have tailored the theme and added all the tool that are neccesary for you to run a successful Microjob service Marketplace

Sell your services & earn more

In Giglance theme Sellers post jobs they can do and the buyers buy the jobs/services. Sellers delivery the Job.At the end of the job, Buyer provides the feedback for the seller and gets the job done.

Mobile Responsive design

Giglance is designed to get the uniform look and feel irrespective of the devices you use.Either be laptop,Tablet or Mobile

Visual Composer Integrated

Design your own home page as you wish with one of the most popular Visual composer plugin

Task/Job Post

Creating tasks/micro-jobs are same as creating a product in woocommerce. We have a designed a beautiful front end page to create and post a job.

It let’s seller to create any types of job including Digital downloads and video Job’s

Also the user personal profile page, where it shows all sellers’s posted and active jobs.

Add additional Job/Extra's

Do you want seller to earn additional income? Give them the opportunity to Post Job extra’s in Job they post.

Bookmark the Job

Buyers can bookmark their favorite Job while they browse and when they want to place the order they can lookup from Bookmark job list and place the order

Detailed order page

We have crafted a intuitive order page.

After buyer orders for a job. An order will be created, where buyers and sellers can chat about the work progress, Seller can deliver the deliverable’s or Mutually cancel the order.

Attachment/Upload Feature

The seller can deliver the digital delivery through the attachment/Upload Feature

Mutually Cancel the Job

If for some reason the buyer or seller wants to cancel the Job order.They can raise and request and mutually cancel the Job order.

Unique Coupon Functionality

This is one of its kind feature of Giglance marketplace. This feature is not available in the other microjob theme in the market. This is specially designed for Giglance which let’s sellers to create their own coupon code and share it to the buyers, so buyers can get some discount.(A coupon created by one seller will not work on other seller job/Task).

This feature boost the sales of the sellers. It’s a very useful feature for the marketplace.

Private Messaging System

This is very import functionality of Giglance. We know communication is the key in a marketplace.That’s why we have designed a messaging system.

If buyers wants to communicate with seller before placing the job order. This tool let’s you to do it. And it shows the online/Offline status of the buyers and sellers. Both users can exchange the files with a upload/attachment option.

Post Custom Request

Feature Rich Theme Features

Here is a short list of the Giglance Theme features.Explore more here in the Demo

Cart Functionality

After buyer clicks on ‘Buy now’ the job is added to the cart. Buyer can apply coupon code and checkout and make the payment

Multi Currency Support

The theme comes packed with multiple currency support. The main currencies supported are US Dollars (USD), Euro (EUR), British Pounds (GBP), Canadian Dollars (CAD), Australian Dollars(AUD), Japanese yen(JPY), or the brazilian real etc

Vacation mode

When seller is away or need to take a short break from work then seller can turn on this vacation mode.


We designed a flexible commission structure and for each job sold in the the website owner can collect a commission from it.

Processing Fee

Website admin can charge a processing fee for each transaction from buyer while placing the order.

PayPal Integrated

PayPal payment system, one of the most used payment systems in the world. In future we have plans to integrate most of the Payment gateways.

Credit System & Payment Withdrawal

For each job completed the seller gets paid by virtual cash, and when they want they can select to withdraw the money into their paypal account.

Email Notifications

Your users get email notifications when posting a job. At each stage of transaction the buyer and seller will receive email alerts in email and also on the website.

One click Demo Install

You can install the demo with a click of a button

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